June, 2018


Okay, so a ton of stuff has happened since I last posted here. What exactly? I can’t outline it here, except to say that I realize I may have to create my own IP — intellectual property. I finished a draft of a pilot script and I believe it is extremely well-written, albeit a bit overwritten at this point. APPARENTLY, it’s too complicated to sell. I won’t say who says this but they say this. It’s okay. I write no matter what. I’ll do some work on it, it’ll be a really good writing sample. And I actually drafted a very much SIMPLIFIED version of the pilot, but it was like ipecac to me and I decided against it. But I’ll have to go back to it if I ever want help SELLING it. But I’m not posting here to bitch about writing. What I’m really super interested in this newfangled “siphon experience” available at select Starbucks Reserve shops. 

What I will say is that it was a very “clean” cup of coffee, which my friend and colleague, Maria Burton, purchased for the both of us. It was like sitting at a sushi bar, except it was coffee…kind of. Well, it was quite elegant. Maria was so excited about this that I had to try it. Thank you, Maria!  So so so much of my social media is about coffee and cycling. This posting is no different:

For me, every day is orange! I will try to catch up with postings, and fill in some of the gaps on the work front. Ten cuidado!

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