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Over A Year Later...

This is almost like writing for something to be opened in a time capsule, a history that you hope will be opened, understood and ultimately meaningful to someone somewhere. It’s been over a year since I last posted an entry. I wasn’t in a coma, not exactly. I was in television production. A new series. “Ambitions”. It’s on television right now. Six episodes have aired. I was responsible and still am responsible for delivering a total of eighteen episodes to be broadcast in 2019 and beyond. A year later I have come out on the other side of the first season of producing “Ambitions” and oh, what a year it was. Such a year that I took no time to post here. So here I am. Back in Atlanta after nearly a year of living in Atlanta. Atlanta’s nice. So I’ve heard is Tripoli. Tripoli has beaches. I’m going to find an image to post and then I’m going to skedaddle. I’ve got so much of Kevin to catch up on and so many stories. Where to begin? How about “Flower in Japanese Garden with Koi"...


The Quad Tonight!

My episode airs tonight!  


So so so much to tell.  Briefly, ‘cause I’ve got a ton of stuff to do today.  My brilliant friend, writer and producer Kathleen McGhee-Anderson hired me as Co-Ep on “Greenleaf” in the Fall of 2016.  I worked on that show until right before Christmas.  Early in 2017 I began developing the television series “Media” for TV One.  Hired writers, developed 8 brilliant scripts, but for reasons of their own, TV One decided not to go forward with the series.  Shortly after shutting down the writers room on “Media” the series and rewriting the scripts, I was hired by another brilliant, writer-producer friend and colleague, Felicia D. Henderson, to serve as Co-Exec Producer on the 10-episode second season of the series for BET.  That was Fall 2017.  Production ended right before Christmas.  Currently, posting the episodes, riding my bike, getting life back in order after 4 months living in Atlanta — and all’s beautiful.

Coolest cast on TV!  Left to Right: Zoe Renee, Jake Allyn, Jazz Raycole, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Anika Noni Rose, Sean Blakemore, Michelle DeFraites and Peyton Alex Smith.  Clawsome!


THE QUAD premieres January 23, 2018, 9pm on BET.  It’s the same time as BLACK LIGHTNING on the CW, so set your DVRs!


Framing Anika Noni Rose


Me.  Atlanta southern cooking already beginning to show.

Post “Media” Pics from Piedmont Park

To me, post-production is the beginning and even though it’s been just a day and a half, principal photography of MEDIA seems like the distant past as we move into actually making the movie. But there’s a couple of shots that remind me of the great time and great people I had the privilege to work with. No bullshit or brown-nosing here, I’m serious —

Me and Mitchell Galin, our Producer. If this thing is a hit, thank Mitchell. And —

Ty Walker, Production Supervisor. We couldn’t have navigated Atlanta without him. Thanks for Condra and Chekyria --

Brian White, who portrays Michael Jones, the lead. Brian makes the movie sing --

“MEDIA”, Day 14 (Last Day)

It takes a village to raise a child, it does not take a village to make a movie. But when the village insists on making the movie, you adapt.  We begin post production. This has been an incredible experience and I believe it’s the beginning of a very important era. Thank you to Cathy Hughes, Susan Banks and TV One for a great opportunity to pick up where I left off with New York Undercover — namely, producing television that depicts real people of all colors in America in all their complexity, wrapped around stories that are unique and at the same time universal. The two-hour “Media” movie event will premiere in January 2017. Let’s hope it’s ordered to series then or even before —

The real surprise for the extras who showed up for our shoot were the appearances of T.I. and Tyrese Gibson. No pictures were allowed, but they’re in the movie. Another kudo to Cathy Hughes for working her magic. 

It was a beautiful night and location for a movie shoot — MEDIA.

So, so happy to be a part of it!

Kevin Arkadie

“MEDIA”, Day 13

On the other side of this fish tank is the set. Bryan White on camera B and local Atlanta Actor on the left. Please forgive me for not having his name handy, but he did  an excellent job and hopefully we can work him into the series when it happens. I’m so grateful that Atlanta had the talent we needed. By the way, these were some of the best fish actors I’ve seen since “Jaws."

“MEDIA”, Day 12

Our last three days of the shoot will be in this mansion --

The heart and soul of the movie will be shot in this location, the family stuff, the stuff we care about and the stuff we’ll remember after the movie’s over. 

“MEDIA”, Day 11

At Doraville Jail. First, thanks to the Doraville Police Department and Doraville Jail for letting us film in their location, it was gracious and saved our production by giving us a legitimate penal environment.  But boos to the obnoxious cop who let a simple misunderstanding escalate into a cussing and expletive-filled tirade that scared the shit out of several of our crew who were just trying to do their jobs. Doraville handled the situation very well and I’m happy to say we didn’t have to jack their urban assault vehicle in retaliation —

That’s right, I said it —

Incarceration is no joke. Don’t be this guy if there’s any way you can avoid it --

Free and grateful — KA

“MEDIA”, Day 10

Last Day at Terminus 200 location

This is the big boss of Radio One, Cathy Hughes, and yours truly in my Sunday-Goin’-To-Meetin’ garb. Now we know it’s seriously on. The social media, publicity and marketing mavens have descended and plans are underway to promote this movie like nothing’s ever been promoted on TV One before. And they should, this movie’s going to be hot -- 

But the real heat is below, and they’re not even half the cast --

Left to right, Chrystee Pharris, Brian White, Penny Johnson Jerald, and Blue Kimble. Incredible talent and like I said — not even half of the brilliant cast! 

“MEDIA”, Day 9

Room With A View. This is video village, Penny and Christie on A and B cams, Lichtenstein on the wall for when we’re not glued to the monitors. Thanks, Andy, for this fantastic location! 

Twinkie Byrd handled our casting. Can we say THANK YOU, TWINKIE!!!

Finesse Mitchell, Gary Dourdan and Pooch Hall — scary fab. January 2017, people!

© Kevin Arkadie