I just learned that my bank funded our loan today. Tomorrow we record in LA County and my wife and I now own a new house. I’m just going to say that the process is BRUTAL!!! At several points I wanted to say “just skip it.” Interest rates were low, my wife’s been steadily employed over 20 years as an electrical engineer. I’ve had four really good years in a row. Money in the bank, retirement accounts for both of us, credit scores close to 800. Even the bank said it was a slam dunk…until it wasn’t. The bank picked at everything. They told me what I could spend from my business and what I couldn’t. They said what I could take from my retirement and then questioned me about the balance. They asked for things that SIMPLY DID NOT EXIST. After satisfying a condition, here comes another condition. Just fuckin’ say no! But they didn’t. They said yes. We move in this weekend. I’m not sure I even want it anymore (lol)! That said, Happy New Year! 

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