“MEDIA”, Day 14 (Last Day)

It takes a village to raise a child, it does not take a village to make a movie. But when the village insists on making the movie, you adapt.  We begin post production. This has been an incredible experience and I believe it’s the beginning of a very important era. Thank you to Cathy Hughes, Susan Banks and TV One for a great opportunity to pick up where I left off with New York Undercover — namely, producing television that depicts real people of all colors in America in all their complexity, wrapped around stories that are unique and at the same time universal. The two-hour “Media” movie event will premiere in January 2017. Let’s hope it’s ordered to series then or even before —

The real surprise for the extras who showed up for our shoot were the appearances of T.I. and Tyrese Gibson. No pictures were allowed, but they’re in the movie. Another kudo to Cathy Hughes for working her magic. 

It was a beautiful night and location for a movie shoot — MEDIA.

So, so happy to be a part of it!

Kevin Arkadie

© Kevin Arkadie