“MEDIA”, Day 2

Day 2 was a walk in the park…literally...

Crew call @ 11am but I didn’t arrive until 1pm due to traffic, stopping at base camp, then shuttled to Piedmont Park. Google maps in Atlanta is sketchy, at least on my Galaxy Note 3 (can I justify the S7 Edge?). Learned from Tracy in transept that Waze is more dependable, so Waze it is from now on. Threat of thunderstorms all day, but the gods (or God) was in our favor and the most that occurred was a light drizzle for 15 minutes. Otherwise, a beautiful shoot day. Brian, Jasmine, Jeff, Navy kicked out and kicked off some beautiful work and Craig was on it. Wrapped ahead of time, but not by much. 

We don’t have the luxury of going over, so props to the crew for making it work — Ciao

© Kevin Arkadie