“MEDIA”, Day 4

Oooh boy, a long day, finishing with a spectacular shot overlooking the ferris wheel in Centennial Park. If this were golf, it would equivalent to eagling the last and final hole to win by a stroke. Jeez, so busy I didn’t get any images. Rewrote a couple of scenes early in the morning. Got a huge comedy and humor assist from Finesse Mitchell on a troubleseome scene that opens the show. We shoot it today and it rocks. It’s a beautiful thing to see true diversity behind the camera of our shoot. For this alone, I’m loving Atlanta.


Doing my best to stay away from the craft services table, but I’m going to have to pedal to Alabama on my days off to stay at fighting (biking) weight. Monday and Tuesday are our weekend. Exercise? Rest? Probably download a course from Strava and explore Buckhead. But then I’ve got family in Atlanta and my sister is driving through from South Carolina while my mom’s already here. Probably chill. The coming week is intense with big scenes and the full cast. Kudos to the Atlanta “Media” crew — putting in hard work to make this show look it’s best. 

© Kevin Arkadie