Mr. Robot

It's a new day, people. Watching "Mr. Robot" win the Golden Globe as best drama last night reminded me of when "The Shield" won. At the time, "The Shield" was breaking new ground, taking one of the worst police scandals of all time and creating a new approach to compelling cop  drama and new, nuanced and dimensionalized portrayals of our men in blue. "Mr. Robot" is perhaps more groundbreaking because create a compelling and contemporary drama of a world that most of us still don't fully grasp -- hacking. It's dark, cynical and smart. It's new. It's now. It's very cool.

So was CES 2016 --

Intel Inside

Incredibly, incredibly large and amazing. More than anyone could ever hope to cover in just four days. Incredible new technology. I'm blown away. Seriously. I'm there to try to get a glimpse of what's coming. Approaches to storytelling. What an everyday, mundane scene will look like NEXT YEAR! Things are changing fast, fast, fast. As our homes, devices, appliances and our entire world and beings become more and more connected, the only thing I know for sure is that crime will become more creative and technologically more advanced. Yes, "Mr. Robot" winning best drama was more than serendipitous, it was prescient. Let's see what the rest of years gives us.

Me? I got to Disney tomorrow? My TV One project is FINALLY getting some traction. More on that later. They just MIGHT be letting me out of my crypt, but it's still too early to tell. If they let me out again, I plan to sweep across the landscape like a plague, a horde of locusts, like a rage. And everywhere I go will leave a trail of excellence! Contribute that blast to the last departing fumes of CES.

Keep the faith, y'all. Talk soon -- KA

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