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I'm Kevin Arkadie, a writer, producer, director, photographer, avid cyclist, and creator of the hit series "New York Undercover." When I co-created New York Undercover in the 90s, I proved to them there was an under-served audience out there. I am thrilled that the series has found new life and appreciation on the Peacock Network. Younger generations tell me this series was inspirational to them and the show changed their life. I couldn't be more proud.

Sacrifice Season 2

The second season of this excellent series I executive -produced for BET+ in 2023 has yet to be aired or streamed. BET+ hasn't explained why, but there's a rumor they will write the season off for "taxes." That will be a crime.  Paula Patton is mesmerizing. Erica Ash and the ensemble cast are great. I created an all-star writing staff. Sacrifice is a stylish, crime-thriller with knock-you-out-of-your-seat surprises and great musical performances.  If BET writes this second season off for taxes, I repeat: it will be crime.